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to surpass your expectations for an Elite exquisite experience offering only the Highest Level of Skincare in the industry. Specializing in Dermal Remodeling for ALL types of skin.

‘Our Difference’ is dedicating our unique knowledge to extending the boundaries previously used in this field. We are committed to inspiring you with immediate and superior results that are unavailable elsewhere. Our elite customized treatments at laser skin care clinic Toronto offers customized treatments with Exclusive Medical Technologies and Holistic Therapies targeting any areas from the ‘root cause’ for any skin conditions.

As the creator of the NEW Laser Eyebrow Design technique, we welcome you to enjoy relaxing pampered treatments, without downtime.

FREE Full-Face Laser 

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Purchase a Holistic Microdermabrasion (includes full face, eyes & neck area) for ONLY $249!

And receive ALL Laser FULL FACE Treatments below for FREE!

Flawless Face Laser Package value $1,500

  • Full Face Laser Hair Removal for fine blonde and coarse dark hair
  • Full Face Laser Skin Rejuvenation for wrinkles, collagen, anti-ageing, pore reduction
  • Full Face Laser Acne Treatment (7 times more effective than other lasers)
  • Full Face Laser Vascular Treatment for Rosacea, Spider Veins, Cherry Angioma
  • Full Face Laser Pigmentation for Melasma, Pigmentation, Age Spots, Freckles

Brigitte Biller Cosmetic Clinic offers unbeatable technology & economical pricing. Why pay for separate laser treatments for each skin condition elsewhere when you can receive ALL this for FREE with faster results? This package also helps diminish acne scarring.

NEW Laser Eyebrow Design– Get a permanent solution

Brigitte Biller develops the 1stand ONLY Laser Eyebrow Design Technique. We custom design eyebrows to suit your facial dermagraphics, perfectly shaped, beautiful eyebrows with no need for maintenance. Imagine saving time and money on costly visits for eyebrow waxing or threading. Over the years this gets costly and waxing techniques aren’t the best for your skin. The benefits to our laser design system will also create new collagen cells in your eyebrow area, resulting in maintenance free, beautifully shaped brows, PLUS the added bonus of beautiful skin!

NEW Rejuvenation for Younger Looking Hands

Brigitte Biller Cosmetic Clinic offers Anti-Ageing treatment for beautiful hands using the holistic treatment and medical laser technology for the often-neglected areas such as hands. Your hands often give your age away. Hands deserve pampering, why only work on facial areas?

  • Holistic Microderm for dead skin cells removal and radiant glow
  • Laser Pigmentation treatment for brown / age spots
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment for collagen/wrinkles
  • Laser Vascular treatment for redness / blotchy hands
  • Special Package includes ALL 4 Treatments $199!

THE PERFECT ANSWER – Laser Skin Rejuvenation / Pigmentation / Vascular Scar Removal Toronto

Brigitte Biller Cosmetic Clinic offers laser skin rejuvenation in Toronto providing the 1st & Only Medical Technology (Pulsed Dye Laser) capable of creating brand new collagen cells without destroying pre-existing collagen. Non-ablative skin rejuvenation produces an improvement in the appearance of tissue without damaging the surface. No downtime, painless and faster results for ALL skin types. Dermal remodelling creates a flawless complexion for a younger-looking you.

  • Specializing in Dermal Remodeling for All Skin Types
  • Post-Operative Treatments / Bruises Healed in 3-5 Days!
  • Surgical Scars Removal / Laser Wound Healing
  • Stretch Marks / Skin Tightening / Eyelid Lift
  • Anti-Aging / Wrinkles / Collagen / Pore Reduction
  • Pigmentation / Melasma / Age Spots / Freckles
  • Port Wine Birthmarks / Hemangioma / Poikiloderma
  • Leg Veins / Spider Veins / Broken Capillaries
  • Vascular / Rosacea / Angioma / Granuloma
  • Laser Warts Removal / Moles / Skin Tags

Post Treatment Requirements

  • Minimal post treatment care required compared to IPL and other Lasers
  • Little visible indication that treatment has been performed
  • No patient discomfort, only a slight ‘warm’ sensation fading after a few hours
  • No clinical requirement to avoid sunlight

Why Pay more elsewhere to receive less?

Brigitte Biller Cosmetic Clinic provides FULL treatment which include the full eye area and neck, this is imperative for patients having skin rejuvenation treatment. Often laser clinics provide laser skin rejuvenation treatments without microderm which is money wasted as new collagen cells may not surface unless the old cells are removed first. Regular microdermabrasion elsewhere may not be done the same day of a laser treatment, however we are able to provide ‘natural holistic microdermabrasion’ with laser at the same time for optimal results without downtime, no redness, just clean complexion.

Our elite unique treatment removes the necessity of any facial or regular microdermabrasion. We remove dead cells deeper than any regular microderm without any trauma, polishing the skin, deep cleansing pores, removing blackheads, whiteheads, treating pigmented areas,  softening acne and any underlying issues in skin without the need for extractions to avoid scars, leaving you party ready with an immediate fresh glow. The BEST solution to create brand new skin!

Micro Needling

Brigitte Biller Cosmetic Clinic does not recognize micro needling as a professional skin treatment, as holistic therapists we consider this to be ‘trauma’ to the skin. It is not necessary to damage skin to create collagen. Often this service is provided by those who do not offer appropriate laser technologies for dermal remodelling/skin resurfacing. Micro needling in attempts to create new collagen damage the skin, may cause future pigmentation issues, scarring, skin sensitivities and not suitable for darker skin types which are prone to hyper pigmentation. Patients are not recommended to purchase these devices on-line for regular home use. Please visit our clinic for consultation and appropriate skin resurfacing treatments.

Natural Holistic Microderbrasion

FINALLY!  The solution – the misconceptions of regular microdermabrasion using crystal or diamond tip techniques often leave patients frustrated with downtime, redness, discomfort and eye / neck area neglected.  Imagine never working on the eye area over several years only to notice creases and wrinkle before their time.

Dark Eye Circle & Baggy Eyes

This treatment is the only method available to treat dark eye circles. Patients suffering from deeply pigmented eyes have quite often tried several products and treatments only to realize, they did not work. Treating the surface of the pigmented area is only part of the solution. Laser treatments and microdermabrasion are not suitable treatments for pigmented eye areas which leave patients frustrated with no remedy and often patients are misdiagnosed.
We specialize in the delicate eye area to remove pigmentation on ALL Fitzpatrick Skin types. Our unique holistic therapies remove pigmented eye areas with noticeable results after just 1 session! Some patients may require 1-3 sessions depending on the severity of the pigmentation. Rare patients with over productive melanin cells from their ancestral genes (usually skin types 5-6 ) now have a solution for treatment from a cellular level.
Baggy eyes with fatty deposits benefit from our holistic lymphatic drainage treatment to smooth out the area without the need for fillers or injectables.

We Care About Your Skin Health – Tips for Patients With Chronic Acne

  • Cleanse skin 2x per day using a soft brush to gently cleanse deep down into pores
  • Use appropriate products recommended by professionals only
  • Sunscreen daily – to protect skin from the elements and pollution
  • Wash makeup brushes after each use to avoid spreading bacteria
  • Abstain from double dipping to prevent contaminating products
  • Wash pillow covers often – daily until the acne has been cleared
  • Prevent touching skin without washing hands – bacteria from doorknob, phones
  • Treating acne does not require Accutane or prescription medications.
  • Medication produces short term results with possible harmful side effects.
  • Medications will not treat scars, acne pits or pigmentation associated with acne
  • NEVER squeeze acne, this only spreads the infection into the dermal layer and causes scars
  • A certified, qualified and experienced professional should treat your acne.
  • Often non-medical estheticians including their patients are unaware of the dangers when squeezing acne
    incorrectly until blood is present which risk causing death as infection may travel through the blood stream throughout the body

Acne Therapy & Holistic Skincare

Brigitte Biller Cosmetic Clinic offers the 1st FDA cleared medical laser technology for acne – the most common dermatological condition worldwide affecting 80% of adolescents often associated with social isolation, employment difficulties, depression and suicide. Our certified medical and holistic therapists of natural pharmacology specialize in acne correctives to remedy tough skin problems from the ‘inside-out’. The key to effective results is understanding the ‘root cause’. During the consultation, our therapist will determine whether your condition is gene-related and instructions on proper skin cleansing techniques, holistic dietary consult and home care regime will be provided to maximize long-term results for many years. Our unique holistic approach for active acne, acne pits and scarring combined with powerful technology provides a curative solution in ‘preventing future acne. Results can be achieved in as little as 8 hours!.

Acne Pits

Your skin is the most valuable thing you will ever wear. Achieve immediate visible results after 1 holistic treatment! Save money and time – no chemical peels, no microdermabrasion, no fillers and no laser.

Holistic Detox Facials

It provides essential nutrients to your cells from within the dermal layers, also providing detox for parasite conditions such as Demodex which are not treatable by laser. We do not provide regular facials which merely cleanse the surface of your skin. We provide a ‘cellular’ deep cleaning, followed by direct delivery of skin nutrients applied into the dermal cell structures targeting any issues such as pigmentation or acne from the ‘roots’. Our detox and cell corrective facials always begin with a holistic Microderm as part of the necessary steps to flawless and healthy skin.

‘The Smart Pulse is an outstanding machine. The results I am seeing, even after just one treatment are phenomenal. Initially, as with new lasers, I didn’t know what to expect. Quickly, however, I have seen that it is superior to any of my other non-ablative devices. Whether it is being used for rejuvenation, redness or the treatment of acne, patients are blown away by what it can do with absolutely no downtime. Due to its remarkable speed and achievement of results, both doctors and patients are delighted with this innovative laser. The Smart Pulse is the way to go’. – Peter Kopelson, MD – From Beverly Hills, CA