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Personal Growth

Motivational class & Etiquette program

This program was specifically designed to motivate individuals in achieving success, purpose, fulfilment and to upgrade personal skills. Brigitte Biller invites you to her program which was created to build confidence, self-esteem and to bring out the best possible ‘you’. Her techniques for success will enable you to achieve higher goals. She shares over 30 years of experience and expertise to give you an edge in the competitive world.

Find the Inner You

As a professional model and graduate of Etiquette School, Brigitte appeared in many ads and magazines including Photo Life, Anoki, Elevate, Metro, The Sun Calender, City TV, Omni TV, The Grammy Awards Show, etc. She appeared in films such as The Pink Chiquita’s (a Frank Stallone Production) and Loose Screws which aired in theatres and pay television. In her earlier years she carried 3 Body Building titles which qualified her for the professional level. Brigitte has experience teaching her Self Improvement Motivational Seminars for the Ministry of Education (Job Connect Program), Kingsville High School, York University along with many different types of businesses worldwide including Fitness Facilities, Wellness Centers, Medical Clinics, Beauty Industry & Corporate Locations.

Learn Effective Communication Skills . Stay Positive & Motivated . Walk with Poise & Confidence . Improve Presentation Skills to Prepare for Interviews . Learn Goal Direction . Learn Selling Strategies to Increase Income . Improve Appearance & Self Image . Fitness Training & Wellness Program . Wardrobe Analysis . Your BEST Personality . Serve Correct Wine with Meals . How to Communicate with Different Personality Types . Voice (Sound Projection) Etiquette Skills . The Art of Movement (Body Language) & more. Programs Available to Corporate Locations for Staff Etiquette Training in Niagara, Toronto, Canada & USA.

Ready For The Next Level?


Real beauty comes from the inside…
Treat your clients like Royalty

The Art of Movement . The Graceful Walk . Posture & Poise . Etiquette Training . Professional Modeling Techniques Seasons Color Analysis . Wardrobe Suitable for Body Type . Body & Self Image . Pro Bodybuilding Fitness Training Prepare for Job Interviews . Improve Presentation Skills . Communication . Speech . Voice . Telephone Etiquette Motivational Program Designed to Find your ‘Niche’ Life Success Coach . Achieve your Highest Goals!

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