Permanent Makeup


Micropigmentation is the art & science of implanting specialized pigments specifically designed for pigmentation into the skin by means of a tiny, sterile, disposable needle. A very effective topical system is used to numb the area to eliminate potential pain or discomfort. The procedure is no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed. All equipment and instruments used for permanent makeup are sanitized & sterilized. Disposable & sterile needles and accessories are wrapped individually. Surgical gloves are used for each procedure. In many individuals these procedures are indeed permanent, for others, they may be semi-permanent.

Permanent Makeup

Enhance your own natural beauty for a more carefree lifestyle. For women who wish to look their best all day long, a subtle natural look or dramatic enhancement can be achieved with permanent or semi permanent makeup. This provides a solution for sparse or misshaped eyebrows, sunken eyes or thin lips. It can be used to highlight eyes with permanent eyeliner, en-hance eyelash appearance, create a filler effect & shaping for permanent eyebrows, delineation &
filling of lips, beauty marks, hair follicle simulation & more.

Wake up flawless and fresh

Permanent makeup helps save time and money on expensive products. Imagine waking up with natural hair stroked eyebrows. No more penciling eyebrows or applying lip liner several times a day.

I have been suffering from VITILIGO for 15 years. This skin condition has no cause nor any cure. I’ve sought several options but heard only that it is not curable and nothing can be done about it. That left me to live my life without hope and in despair. Vitiligo not only brings disfiguration but also dismay and sorrow. Recently I saw an article on CITY TV about Brigitte Biller. Thanks, CP24 for bringing this Angel in focus. I spoke with Brigitte to arrange an appointment. I was confident by seeing her passion, skills and experience which did a great job on my face, which I never imagined seeing in this life.

Brigitte not only works on my disfiguration, but I must say ‘she changes lives’. I wish her every success in this noble cause, to me she is a GOD sent Angel

Vejay – from Toronto, Ont.

Vejay – from Toronto, Ont.

Price List

Eyeshadow & Blush Call for estimate
Full Eye Liner (top & bottom)
Special $600

Reg. $800

Eye Liner (top)
Special $400

Reg. $500

Eyeliner (bottom)
Special $300

Reg. $400

Eyebrow (shaded)
Special $450

Reg. $650

Eyebrows (Micro Blading / Hairstroke)
Special $450

Reg. $800

Ombre Eyebrows
Special $450

Reg. $800

Lip Liner (contour)
Special $450

Reg. $600

1/2 Lip
Special $650

Reg. $800

Full Lip
Special $800

Reg. $990

Ombre Lips – 3D
Special $850

Reg. $998

Eyelash Enhancement for men
Special $400

Reg. $800

Ombre, Shading & Microblading combo
Special $500

Reg. $990

* Permanent Cosmetic services include one complimentary touchup within 3 months.
Procedures provided by certified experienced Instructor (not technicians or students)

Paramedical Reconstructive

Areola / Nipple $200 per hour
Camouflage Scars / Vitiligo / Repigmentation $200 per hour
Hair Follicle Simulation $200 per hour

Scalp Micropigmentation

Receding Hairline (2 corners) $500
Frontal Hairline (without recession) $650
Crown Area $900
½ Head $1,200 – $1,500
Full Head $2,500 – $3,000

* Paramedical and Scalp procedures may be charged with flat rate which includes one
complimentary touchup within 3 months or may be charged hourly rate.
Call for consultation and estimate

Corrections & Removal

Color Corrections Call for estimate
Tattoo Removal $100. per square inch