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Master Techniques


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Our Certified Master Lash Instructors exclusively provide the highest standards of education for advanced Eyelash Extension Training, offering quality, safety, and performance with over a hundred types of luxurious lash designs including various lengths, thicknesses, and curvatures to create the look you’ve always desired. Our damage free techniques are specifically designed and customized to suit client’s facial derma graphics to enhance their own natural lashes, one lash at a time. Specializing in all types of design for Classic, Hollywood & Advanced Russian volume using super soft and lightweight silk, or mink lashes to create fuller, longer luxurious lashes.


Training by professionally certified & licensed instructors and not by lash technicians. Students please be informed and aware of many programs offered in the industry by technicians who are not licensed educators. Certified beauty instructor’s require government licensing with background knowledge of health & safety, medical skin anatomy, hair and follicle histology which is essential. Certifications given by technicians who have not acquired government licensing by accredited program place your business at risk. Programs should include product knowledge, skin disease prevention, sterilization techniques, blood borne pathogens, aftercare of skin cleansing techniques to accommodate the underlying skin conditions of the eye area and lash follicles at the root level. Quality eyelash extensions training programs in Niagara, Toronto, Canada, USA

Many technicians are unfamiliar with demodex conditions of the eye areas associated with improper cleansing techniques. Instructors must be well knowledgeable of various skin conditions surrounding the eyes, providing proper home aftercare and products guidance. Most clients are unaware as they are instructed not to wash their lashes for a period immediately after the lash service, however 98% of lash clients have not received professional guidance of daily cleansing techniques of the skin ‘in-between’ the lashes with knowledge of how to prevent demodex and permanent loss of lashes.


Knowledge of quality product awareness is an essential element of our curriculum. Many eye serums have toxic ingredients which are not safe for long term use. If your lash provider is promoting their own brand, ensure the products are FDA / Health Canada Certified and legalized to use in Canada, and not made in foreign countries without regulations and relabelled (without MSD data). Lash products sold in Canada must contain a bar code licensed with Health Canada for Approval. Manufacturer’s detailed contact information must be visible on the label. Do NOT risk your business nor your clients by using unlicensed products sold illegally, such products may cause severe illness, skin diseases and even blindness. This is a liability to your business. The technician’s responsibility includes selecting safe & approved products for your client’s services.




Beginner Training Program: $990

The Art of Classic Custom Design / Theory / Skin & Hair Follicle Anatomy / Safety / Sterilization / Damage Free Application & Removal / Prevention of Disease & Skin Disorders / Technician Setup / Liability Forms / Product Knowledge / Tools / Hand on Training Models Provided / Starting Your Business Responsibly / Staff Etiquette Training
KIT INCLUDED: 4 Trays Lashes of Various Sizes / Ceramic Work Board / Practise Mannequin / Training Manual / Lash Adhesive & Remover / Lash Tweezers Set / Plus Additional Accessories / Lunch Included


(Pre-requisite) – Must have completed the Beginner Program
Master the Art of Hollywood & Russian Volume Techniques


  • Weightless, with natural look and feel
  • Over a hundred types of eyelashes and designs
  • Customize your own unique style
  • Water resistant so you can swim or shower
  • Lengths and thickens without need for mascara
  • Saves time, ideal for wedding and special occasion
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