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permanent cosmetic training in GTA Toronto

MICROBLADING, PARAMEDICAL, SCALP Micropigmentation training programS

Become a true professional

beginner & advanced micropigmentation

Renowned Celebrity Artist Brigitte Biller, recognized for her groundbreaking ‘Eyelash Enhancement Technique’ and boasting over 40 years of experience, proudly presents the 1st & Only FULL Micropigmentation Program. As the sole certified paramedical micro-pigmentation instructor acknowledged by the government of Ontario providing complete curriculum, she offers on-location staff training for aestheticians, spas and medical facilities in upgrading their skills for success in the cosmetic beauty industry. Introducing the advanced comprehensive microblading, paramedical, SMP Scalp, micropigmentation training programs in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and worldwide, Brigitte Biller ensures a holistic approach to beauty education to empower students interested in becoming true professionals in the field.

Brigitte Biller developed her curriculum for micropigmentation to surpasses those previously used in the industry providing only the highest standards with knowledge of every technique, technique using various products, methods & tools for rotary, digital, coil, manual, soft tap devices, including various flat, round, sloped & stacked needles. Included in your curriculum is tattoo removal & advanced techniques of micropigmentation training in Toronto, Niagara, Canada, USA. From the start as beginners in the industry it is imperative to your success to acquire the highest level of education including client / etiquette skills to start your career with confidence.

Master The Art of Color Theory

The Art of Mastering Color Theory will be revealed. Discover how to create your own customized colors and save costs on purchasing an entire line of any products in your permanent makeup training. Specialize in full color theory, color mixing, color corrections and camouflaging camouflaging techniques used for paramedical reconstructive procedures. A professional will be able to correct or remove any error immediately during a procedure without the need for any corrections afterwards.

Why pay more to settle for less elsewhere?

Our permanent makeup training classes include topics such as effective color retention, hair follicle simulation and medical conditions such as vitiligo, burns, scars, areola, alopecia, will also be introduced. Correcting solid eyebrows to natural looking hair strokes without using a cover-up approach. Avoid mistakes, learn proper techniques and find out why older methods of camouflaging should never be used for stretchmarks, lips or eyeliner correction. Knowledge of minerals, iron oxides, organic, cosmetic micro pigments, specialized scalp pigments, body pigments and the various products used in the industry will provide you an edge in the competitive world.

permanent makeup training school in GTA Toronto

Discover Your Passion



It is suggested to attain experience and knowledge of ALL the various procedures, methods, products & equipment. We include this in your permanent makeup training program for correct selection of various pigment lines, products, devices and methods for each procedure. Learn proper techniques to avoid causing permanent damage to your clients. Training received by one manufacturer provides limited knowledge of their equipment and product brand only. Be well informed, we provide FULL curriculum at Brigitte Biller Cosmetic Micropigmentation Training Toronto, Niagara, Canada & USA. Your future clients will appreciate your professionalism and well-rounded knowledge. Personalized instruction is also available for those who have interest to further their education or sharpen their skills.

Microblading training in GTA Toronto

Microblading / Hairstroked
3-D + Ombre Eyebrows

Show Special $2,800 (Reg. $3,800)

Full Program:
Skin Anatomy / Color Theory / Blending & Mixing Pigments / Custom Eyebrow Designing for Facial Dermagraphics / Measurement / Color Shade + Multiple Ombre Techniques / Color Corrections & Tattoo Removal / Anesthetics / Aftercare / Health & Safety / Sterilization & Sanitization / Professional Work Place Setup / Consultation & Medical Forms / Knowledge of Various Needles, Products & Tools

Microblading Kit Included:
Microblading Tool, Slope Micro Needles, Anesthetic, Design Pencil + Tools, Pure Pigment
(Models Provided)

eyebrows micropigmentation training in GTA Toronto

Beginner & Advanced

full eyebrow program
Microblading + Micropigmentation
3-d Shaded / Nano / Ombre techniques

Show Special $3,300 (Reg. $5,300)

Creative Design: This combination program enhances creativity for elite unique designs which includes the full beginner & advanced eyebrow program. Multiple techniques of eyebrow designing, microblading, hair stroked method, nano & 3-D brows with added bonus of learning multi-dimensional and fully shaded techniques with manual method & micropigmentation technology. This program includes ALL techniques and procedures for brow designing, custom color blending, color corrections, tattoo removal. Training Includes: Microblading Kit, Anesthetic, Pure Pigment, Plus Deluxe Tattoo Machine Kit. 

micropigmentation training in GTA Toronto
Package # 1

Beginner & Advanced
full face Micropigmentation Training

trade show Special ONLY $6,880 (Reg. $9,900)

EYEBROWS . EYELINER . LIPS + FREE Microblading Program Included 

Master full face permanent cosmetics, all eyebrow techniques, eyeliner designs, ombre 3-D lips, lip liner, full lips, corrections, tattoo removal & more. 

Training Includes: Deluxe Tattoo Machine Kit, Microblading Kit, Anesthetic, Pure Pigment

SMP Scalp micropigmentation training in GTA Toronto

Package # 2

Beginner & Advanced SMP - scalp
Micropigmentation Training

trade show Special $4,800 (Reg. $7,500)

NEW Permanent & Semi-Permanent Techniques
Causes of hair loss, hair follicle simulation, hair density for balding scalp, receding hairline, chemotherapy patients, surgical transplant scar camouflage, SMP tattoo color corrections & tattoo removal, color theory, custom color creation, ombre techniques, product knowledge, & various equipment used in the industry – coil, rotary, digital, manual.

Training Includes: Deluxe Tattoo Machine Kit, Pure Pigment, Anesthetic

paramedical micropigmentation training in GTA Toronto

Package # 3

Paramedical Reconstructive

trade show Special $4,800 (Reg. $7,500)

Paramedical Reconstructive Micropigmentation designed to compliment the medical field for alopecia . areola . nipple . cleft lip . burns . post surgical scars . vitiligo . hypo-pigmentation. 

This Program requires pre-requisite of Beginner / Advanced Micropigmentation (Package # 1)

Training Includes: Deluxe Tattoo Machine Kit, Pure Pigment, Anesthetic.

hairstyling training in GTA Toronto

Celebrity Styling

Master class - 1st of its kind


HOLISTIC CONCEPTS – If your still asking your clients how they would like their hair styled or which color to select, then its time to consider the Celebrity way of styling. Our advanced program & method of professional styling include mastering the art of custom creating your own hair glossing for ‘every client’ because healthy luxurious hair is always in style!  Custom designing for facial dermagraphics, body type, seasons color analysis to compliment skin complexion undertones and specific hair types. Master haircutting techniques for curly hair, fine hair, long and short styles … and more! Your clients rely on you to provide damage free styling techniques which are compatible with their hair texture, curl pattern and to guide them in managing their daily hair regime. Training program curriculums available upon request. 

Personal development and etiquette class in St. Catharines

Personal Development



Achieve your Highest Goals! Motivational Program designed to find your ‘Niche’. Life Success Coach . The Art of Movement . Posture . Poise . Body Language. Prepare for Job Interviews .  Improve Presentation Skills . Communication . Speech . Voice . Telephone Courtesy . Stay Positive & Motivated . Develop Your Best Personality . Serve the Correct Wine with Meals . Formal Dining Etiquette . Walk with Poise & Confidence . Improve Self Image . Fitness Training & Wellness . Wardrobe Suitable for Body Type .  Seasons Color Analysis .  Grooming . Beauty & Maquillage. 

Programs available for individuals or groups including corporate business locations for staff etiquette training in Niagara, St. Catharines, GTA, Toronto, Canada & USA. 


Day 1:

  • Introduction to Micro Pigmentation in Beauty Field
  • The Art and Science of Implanting Specialized Pigments
  • The Perfect Shape – Eyebrow Designing & Measurement
  • Color Theory / Color Selection / Custom Color Blending / Creating Your Own Colors / Color Retention
  • Differences between Cosmetic Micro Pigments / Iron Oxides / Minerals / Organic / Body Tattoo Pigments
  • Clients Skin Undertones and how they affect your final result / Camouflage (when it can be used)
  • Product Knowledge / Various Tools / Industry Equipment Used– Rotary, Digital, Coil, Manual, Soft Tap
  • Safety / Sanitation & Sterilization / Universal Precautions / Prevention of Disease Transmission
  • Protective Barriers & Equipment / Safe Workplace / Safe Procedures / Medical Release Forms / Liability Info
  • Semi-Permanent Makeup vs. Permanent / Client Consultation / Marketing Structures / Insurance
  • Allergic Reactions and Patch Testing / Application of Anesthetics / Healing Process and Aftercare
  • Demonstration of Procedures By Instructor / Students Practice Eyebrows during class
  • Homework Assignment given by Instructor

Day 2:

  • Written Color Theory and Safety Test / Characteristics of Needle Selections:
  • Flat, Round, Stacked, Sloped, Roller, Various Thicknesses, Length and Tip Structure
  • Setup of Technicians Workspace / Professional Patient Consultation
  • Proper Skin Support / Machine Position / Correct Brow Placement
  • Introduction to Micro Blading, Tools and Methods
  • Understanding the Origin and History of Micro Blading
  • How previously used methods of Soft Tap are only used for certain Procedures and why
  • Slope Needle Brow Technique using Technology / Hair-stroked Eyebrow (Micro Blading) Manual Method
  • Techniques for Full Shading / Ombre Shading / Micro Blading / 3D Brows
  • Demonstration of Eyebrow Procedures By Instructor
  • Student Performs Eyebrow Procedures on 2 Live Models (Tattoo Machine and Micro Blading Technique)
  • Process of Tattoo Removal / Color Corrections / Fixing Errors / Understanding why colors turn blueish and how to avoid it
  • Introduction to Eyeliner Procedures / Eyeliner Designs / Eyelash Enhancement / Ombre Eyeliner / Eyeshadow
  • Demonstration of Eyeliner by Instructor
  • Student Practice Eyeliner and Designs during class
  • Homework Assignment given by Instructor

Day 3:

  • Redesign Lip Shape / Lip Liner / Ombre Lip Color / 3D Lips / Full Lip Color
  • Explanation of Skin Undertones and Intro to Blush Procedures
  • Knowing which clients may undergo Tattoo Removal and the various methods available
  • Demonstration of Eyeliner Procedure and skin support on Model by Instructor
  • Student Performs Eyeliner Procedure on Live Model
  • Demonstration of Lip Procedure by Instructor
  • Student Practices Lip Procedures during class
  • Homework Assignment given by Instructor

Day 4:

  • Technicians Items Checklist for Supplies and Setup Procedures
  • Demonstration of Lips Procedure by Instructor
  • Student Performs Lips Procedure on Live Model
  • Instructor reviews all information given during program to ensure students comfort
  • Student may perform additional procedures of choice with Instructors Supervision


Day 1:

  • Theory of Micro Pigmentation used in the Medical Field / Post-Operative Procedures
  • Medical Conditions: Vitiligo / Burns / Cleft Lip / Alopecia / Areola-Nipple / Mastectomy / Hypo Pigmentation
  • How to Determine when the Skin is Ready for Reconstructive Pigmentation After Surgery
  • Application of Anesthetics / Healing and Aftercare
  • Custom Color Blending / Camouflaging / 3-D Multi Tones
  • Different Types of Pigments for Various Results: Organic / Iron Oxide / Body Tattoo Pigments
  • Techniques used for Re-constructive Procedures (Shading, Multi Tones, Pointillism)
  • Differences of Equipment used (Rotary, Digital, Coil)
  • Demonstration of Procedures by Instructor / Students Practice Procedures
  • Homework Assignment

Day 2:

  • Written Color Theory & Safety Test
  • Different Types of Scars / Surgical Scars
  • Understanding why older methods of Micro Pigmentation should never be used for Stretch Marks
  • Review of Items Check List & Technician’s Work Space
  • Students Provide Hands on Procedures on Live Models


Day 1:

  • NEW Hair Follicle Simulation Techniques for Balding Scalp / Beard
  • Men’s Receding Hairline / Partial & Full Scalp Shading Techniques / Pixel Technique
  • Various Equipment used / Differences in Needle Shapes & Selection of Sizes
  • Application of Anesthetics / Healing & Aftercare / How to Prevent Touchups / Tattoo Removal
  • 3-D Scalp Technique with Multi-Tones / Custom Color Blending / Camouflaging Pigments
  • Specialized Scalp Pigments / Organic vs Iron Oxides / Carbon Based Pigments / Minerals
  • Permanent and Semi-Permanent Techniques / Immediate and Post Color Corrections
  • Hair Theory / Causes of Thinning Hair / Hair Loss Treatments
  • Professional Hair Products / The Importance of Proper Hair & Scalp Care
  • Instructor Demonstrates Procedure / Students Practice Hair Follicle Simulation
  • Homework Assignments

Day 2 & 3

  • Written Exams: Safety Test / Color Theory / Skin Anatomy / Practical Performance
  • Instructor Demonstrates Procedures / Student Performs Procedure on Live Models
  • Additional Practice on Models
Models Provided By School For Exam Certification Upon Successful Completion / Technical Support
Discounted Hotel Rates / Private Training Students arriving by Air: Complimentary Transportation.




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