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laser lipolysis in St. Catharines

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Cosmetic laser rental
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Cosmetic Laser Rental in GTA Toronto

Up to 30% Fat Reduction in a single session

Average Circumferential Reduction of 1-3 Sizes in just 1 visit!


DON’T MISS THIS LIMITED TIME OFFER! Cosmetic Laser Rental Solutions GTA, Toronto welcomes you to upgrade your business to generate more revenue with the innovative award winning laser lipolysis medical technology system. Why pay for costly equipment and rental fees when we have the BEST Solution. No Fees . No Renting . No Purchase . No Hassle . Just fast unbeatable results for your clients while you earn without any manual labour and no consumables required. Sounds to good to be true? Call us for details and demonstration to witness the amazing benefits (staff training included).


A system that finally works!

Innovative Laser Diode Medical Technology System for Body Shaping, Fat Reduction, Inch Loss and Cellulite. This safe effective laser light absorbs into the individual fat cells in the treatment area, temporarily opening pores in the cell wall in which the cell contents are emptied, using photo biomodulation to trigger the bodies natural processes that release the contents store in the adipose cells. The contents of the cell are then collected by the lymphatic system where they can be metabolized into energy. This metabolism of the contents permanently removes them from the body leaving smaller fat cells and providing inch loss.

what area of the body may be treated ?

Treatment can be performed on any body areas such as: stomach, love handles, calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, arms, jowels, chin, back and men’s chest. More than 1 body area may be treated at the same time in one session. Treatments may be taken twice per week (or customized for individuals needs) for maximum results a course of 8 sessions is highly recommended.

Is everyone suitable for the treatment?

A therapist will go through a full medical questionnaire before your first treatment to ensure you are suitable. This will also include a detailed description of the treatment, holistic dietary consult and time for any questions you may have.

chin lipo rent

Is the treatment comfortable?

Revolutionary new low-level laser, also known as cold laser because people feel very little during treatment. This treating is comfortable & relaxing with typical sensation felt as being slight warmth where the pads contact with your skin. In conjunction with laser lipolysis, a skin tightening session & lymphatic drainage treatment is included.

Laser Lipolysis

Treat Multiple body areas may be treated at the same time to target specific: Jowls, arms, legs, thighs, calves, buttocks, hips, love handles, full waist, back …


Laser Lipolysis Treatment includes Dietary Consult FREE Skin Tightening & Lymphatic Drainage Massage
1 Session$250
Pkg 4 Sessions$800
Pkg 8 Sessions$1200
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