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Paramedical reconstructive micropigmentation in St. Catharines

Brigitte  Biller Cosmetic


Camouflage Scars. Burns. Skin Grafts. Vitiligo. Alopecia
Areola Nipple. Cleft Lip. Hypo Pigmentation. Baldness
Scalp Micropigmentation. Hair Follicle Simulation

Paramedical Micropigmentation in St. Catharines – specialized techniques are used in the medical field to enhance the final results of the plastic surgeon. Brigitte Biller Cosmetic Clinic provides surgical scars camouflage in St. Catharine’s and Niagara, for facelift scars, stretch marks, breast augmentation scars, post-mastectomy patients to create or redesign the shape of areola-nipple and correct color. Alopecia patients may camouflage areas with the natural-looking hair stroked method or shaded technique to provide coverage for sparse areas. Cancer patients suffering from hair loss may re-create new natural-looking hair stroked eyebrows beforehand to avoid the after effect from chemotherapy treatments. Eyelash enhancement will also simulate the look of real hair. Cleft Lip patients benefit from this reconstructive procedure for permanent lip shape enhancement.

Vitiligo which has no medically known cause or cure may be concealed with permanent cosmetics, providing the vitiligo is not in the ‘spreading stage’. Vitiligo should be in a stable condition for the results to be more permanent, otherwise re-touch will be needed. Burned Patients can benefit from cosmetic enhancement, however great care by a very experienced specialist is necessary. It is important for patients to understand burned tissue will never become normal skin again. As experienced professionals, our medical skincare clinic combines holistic skin therapies with micro-pigmentation.

Burned skin adjusts to micropigmentation quite differently than normal skin, it is necessary for b dxsuccessful outcome to have skin rebuilding treatments in conjunction with micro-pigmentation. Coil machines used by tattoo artists should never be used on patient with burned scars.  We specializes in reconstructive procedures, contact us for a complimentary consult.

scar camouflage in St. Catharines

A well-balanced diet

Balanced nutrition according to your blood type and internal cleansing of toxins will strengthen the body to combat this condition. If the body is showing weakness in an area that is unknown, it is sensible to strengthen your inner core. Maintaining a stress-free state of mind and positive outlook will also provide many benefits, as the mind does control the body.

We are dedicated to improving the lives

Whether you’ve had plastic surgery, suffered from illness or accident, camouflaging with permanent makeup will do wonders for the outer appearance, however, the emotional scars may need improvement as well. The transformations our patients receive from our motivational seminars are quite often quoted as ‘amazing’.

I have been suffering from VITILIGO for 15 years. This skin condition has no cause nor any cure. I’ve seeked several options, but heard only that it is not curable and nothing can be done about it. That left me to live my life without hope and in despair. Vitiligo not only brings disfiguration but also dismay and sorrow. Recently I saw an article on CITY TV about Brigitte Biller. Thanks CP24 for bringing this Angel in focus. I spoke with Brigitte to arrange an appointment. I was confident by seeing her passion, skills and experience which did a great job on my face, which I never imagined to see in this life.

Brigitte not only work on my disfiguration, but I must say ‘she changes lives’. I wish her every success in this Noble cause, to me she is a GOD sent Angel

Vejay – from Toronto, Ont.
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