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micropigmentation clinic in st. catharines

Permanent Cosmetics

St. Catharines

brigitte biller cosmetic clinic

micro pigmentation

Micropigmentation is the art and science of implanting specialized pigments specifically designed for pigmentation into the skin by means of a tiny, sterile, disposable needle. A very effective topical system is used to numb the area to eliminate potential pain or discomfort. The procedure is no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed. All equipment and instruments used for permanent makeup are sanitized and sterilized. Disposable and sterile needles and accessories are wrapped individually. Surgical gloves are used for each procedure. In many individuals these procedures are permanent, for others they may be semi-permanent. 


Permanent cosmetics helps save time and money on expensive products. Imagine waking up with natural hair stroked eyebrows, ombre, or multi-dimensional eyebrows. No more penciling eyebrows, or applying lip liner several times a day. Customized design to enhance your natural beauty, a carefree lifestyle for women who wish to look their best.  A subtle look or dramatic enhancement can be achieved with permanent or semi-permanent cosmetics.

permanent cosmetic clinic in st. catharines

Luscious lips

lip liner / permanent lip color

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LIP CONTOUR / 1/2 LIP / FULL LIP COLOR / OMBRE 3-D DESIGN: Create your signature look with multi-dimensional 3-D lips. Imagine waking up with perfectly shaped lips, with the ease of not having to outline your lips after meals, or swimming. Lip perfection starts with contouring your lip shape to enhance your facial proportions. You may select your natural lip color to balance your lips for a subtle look, or you may redesign the shape of your lips to volumize your shape. Selecting natural tones create a subtle appearance or adding richer vibrant tones for a more dramatic look.  Creative color blending available for those seeking multiple tone ombre shading.

permanent eyebrows in st. catharines

Brow Perfection

permanet eyebrows
shaded, nano & ombre styles


  • Enhances distinctive features & natural beauty
  • To correct insufficient or droopy eyebrows 
  • Save time and money spent on cosmetics
  • Corrects facial asymmetries to perfect shape
  • Sports enthusiasts who don’t want to wear makeup
  • Vision problems / shaky hands / physical handicap 
  • For the sheer pleasure of looking healthy!
microblading eyebrows st. catharines


Microblading / 3-D
Hairstroked Eyebrows

natural looking EYEBROWS + OMBRE STYLEs



permanent eyeliner treatment st. catharines

sexy eyes

permanent eyeliner
eyelash enhancement

convenience of makeup that won't smear

At first glance, we notice an individuals eyes which are the windows of the soul. Your eyes make a statement and creates an expression. Permanent eyeliner gives a fresh appearance enhancing the beautiful eye area making lashes look fuller with eyelash enhancement technique, as well as complimenting ones eye color. Creative customized styles are available for multiple tone effects. Permanent cosmetics may also redesign the eye shape for an enhanced ‘lifted effect’ suitable to disguise droopy or lazy eye. Permanent eyeliner can be subtle or deeper for a more seductive look. 




Price List

Permanent Cosmetic Services – include one complimentary touchup within 3 months. Paramedical service may be charged with flat rate option, or hourly. Procedures are provided by experienced educator – certified instructor.

Eyeshadow & BlushCall for quotation
Full Eye Liner (top & bottom)Special $950Reg. $1300
Eye Liner (top)Special $700Reg. $850
Eyeliner (bottom)Special $600Reg. $750
Eyebrow (shaded)Special $750Reg. $1100
Hair Stroked Eyebrows Special $800 Reg. $1100
Ombre EyebrowsSpecial $750
Reg. $1100
Lip Liner (contour)Special $600 Reg. $800
1/2 Lip Color Special $850Reg. $990
Full Lip Color Special $950Reg. $1200
Ombre Lips – 3DSpecial $990 Reg. $1300
Ombre, Shading & Microblading ComboSpecial $990 Reg. $1300
Eyelash Enhancement for MenSpecial $650
Reg. $1100
Hair Stroked Brow / MenSpecial $650Reg. $1000
Color Corrections / Tattoo RemovalCall for quotation
Paramedical Reconstructive / Areola / Alopecia / Scars Camouflage Call for quotation
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